Note: These dictionaries are now sharing a common (open source) digital infrastructure making them sustainable (more). View 2017 presentations (videos) or (technical paper).

Cree-Innu Group




Historical reconstruction: Proto-Algonquian

Other on-line dictionaries we recommend:

Eastern Algonquian:

Passamaquoddy/Maliseet Dictionary:


The Ojibwe People’s Dictionary:

Verb conjugations

Linked to the Algonquian Dictionary project, these conjugation guides also share a common digital infrastructure, integrated into the respective dictionaries.

East Cree Verb Conjugation Guide (Southern dialect):

East Cree Verb Conjugation Guide (Northern dialect):

Innu Verb Conjugation Guide:

Atikamekw Conjugations Guide (Guide de conjugaison atikamekw):

Naskapi Conjugation Guide: (forthcoming)

Pdf download:

Moose and Eastern Swampy Cree Conjugations – Cree Verb Paradigms (Ellis C.D. 2015 [revised and updated version of Ellis, C.D. (1971)])