Marguerite MacKenzie
Web dictionary development:
Marie-Odile Junker and Marguerite MacKenzie
Web database programming and syllabic conversions:
Delasie Torkornoo
Funding to develop the web version:
SSHRC (grant # 435-2014-1199)
ISBN: # 9780770905866


Cree speakers in Fort Severn who assisted in collecting and checking the words in this dictionary:

  • Moses Kakekaspin
  • Victoria Matthews
  • Sally Matthews
  • Absolum Matthews
  • Barbara Matthews
  • Ila Miles
  • Nancy Stoney
  • Archie Stony
  • Terri Swain
  • Edna Thomas
  • Gordon Thomas
  • Kathleen Thomas
  • Aglius Thomas
  • Alice Thomas
  • Bessie Turtle
Funding for the 2005 print version:
  • John Stanley, Workplace Preparation Branch, Ontario Ministry of Education and Training
  • Ifka Filipovich, Northern Nishnawbe Education Council
Templates for the Introduction and Glossary and coordination of the dictionary projects in 2005:
  • Rand Valentine
Checking and formatting the final print version in 2005:
  • Bill Jancewicz
Assistance with lodging and facilities:
  • Matthew Kakekaspin
  • Ann Marie Levi
  • Dianna McCullogh