This is web version of a bilingual Ininîwimowin-English and English- Ininîwimowin dictionary, designed specifically for use in the northern Ontario Cree community of Fort Severn (Wasaho).

Two types of syllabics spelling are provided for each entry:

  1. the Syllabic spelling system with the dot which represents the w (also called the w-dot) is on the left, the same way it is used by Wawatay News,
    and as decided on by the Cree of Ontario at the Syllabic spelling conference held in 1996. (see the document entitled
    Omushkego Cree Syllabic Project: Final Report). For example: ᐧᐋᐳᐡ, wâposh.
  2. the Syllabic system with the w-dot on the right, as in other Western syllabics. For example: ᐚᐳᐡ, wâposh.

The dictionary can be searched in English, Cree roman, Cree syllabics, using any of the two above spelling systems.

If you click on Options, you can change the search settings.

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